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Croton Falls Fire Department

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  • 08/24/2019: NORTH_SALEM: @I684 SB 23.5, Cross: , Type:MVA, INJURIES, Time out: 12:55:25 Area: NSALM,Alarm lev: 0
  • 08/24/2019: WEST WIND LN SOUTHEAST: @ PLEASANT RIDGE FARM, Cross: N SALEM RD, Type:MA, FIRE, Time out: 06:53:6 Area: PUTNM,Alarm lev: 0
  • 08/24/2019: PINEGROVE DR NORTH_SALEM: alias PINE GROVE DR, Cross: CHESTNUT DR, Type:ALS, default, Time out: 01:55:13 Area: NSALM,Alarm lev: 0
  • 08/23/2019: BRIDLESIDE LN NORTH_SALEM: @BRIDLESIDE COMPLEX - CLUBHOUSE, Cross: JUNE RD, Type:ALARM, COMM, Time out: 22:10:41 Area: CROFL,Alarm lev: 0
  • 08/23/2019: NORTH_SALEM: @I684 NB 24.1 RAMP FROM (HARDSCRABBLE RD), Cross: , Type:ALS, default, Time out: 17:18:40 Area: NSALM,Alarm lev: 0
  • 08/23/2019: LAKEVIEW RD NORTH_SALEM: alias LAKEVIEW DR NORTH_SALEM, Cross: DELANCEY RD, Type:ALS, default, Time out: 10:16:30 Area: NSALM,Alarm lev: 0
  • 08/22/2019: BOGTOWN RD NORTH_SALEM, Cross: FOX DEN LN, Type:SERVICE, LIFT, Time out: 21:16:07 Area: CROFL,Alarm lev: 0
  • 08/22/2019: JUNE RD NORTH_SALEM, Cross: BAXTER RD, Type:ALARM, RESD, Time out: 19:54:28 Area: CROFL,Alarm lev: 0
  • 08/22/2019: MILLS RD NORTH_SALEM, Cross: WHEELER RD, Type:ALARM, RESD, Time out: 15:02:11 Area: CROFL,Alarm lev: 0
  • 08/21/2019: SUNSET PL NORTH_SALEM, Cross: PINE ST, Type:ALARM, MED, Time out: 13:37:47 Area: NSALM,Alarm lev: 0

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No Caption Happy 75th Smokey Bear

Asst. Chief Jeffery Daday, August 09

The iconic Smokey Bear is the symbol of the longest-running public service advertising campaign in United States history. And this year he is celebrating his 75th birthday. And no, “the” is not part of his name. The Forest Service authorized the creation of Smokey Bear on Aug. 9, 1944... (Full Story & Photos)

Unusual Rescue in Town

Chief Daniel Dreyer, July 21

At 12:04 p.m. on Sunday, July 21st firefighters along with police and EMS units were dispatched for an unusual rescue call. A woman suffered injuries while zip-lining on a private course in town and was stranded on a wooden platform almost fifty feet above the ground. Since the platform did not have a back-up ladder or staircase and firefighters could not reach the platform with any of our extension ... (Full Story & Photos)

View of the platform with the injured zip-liner.
View of the platform with the injured zip-liner.

No Caption Tips for the heat

Asst. Chief Jeffery Daday, July 20

High temperatures kill hundreds of people every year. Heat-related deaths and illness are preventable, yet more than 600 people die from extreme heat every year.

Take measures to stay cool, remain hydrated, and keep informed. Getting too hot can make you sick. You can become ill from the heat if your body can’t compensate for it and properly cool you off.

Here's some tips from the CDC.... (Full Story & Photos)

Firefighters Urge Drivers to Pay Attention on the Roadways

Chief Daniel Dreyer, June 30

It’s no secret distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents on roadways. Most drivers are guilty of distracted driving at some point and the usual culprits include using one’s cell phone, adjusting the car radio, getting a quick bite to eat while on the go and the actions of passengers in the vehicle. But are any of those distractions worth the risk of an accident that could cost ... (Full Story & Photos)

A driver went off I-684 with such force bolts anchored in concrete almost were sheared off the pad.
A driver went off I-684 with such force bolts anchored in concrete almost were sheared off the pad.

No Caption One Car Roll Over on Peach Lake Road

Asst. Chief Jeffery Daday, June 18

At 19:28 hours on Tuesday, June 18th the Croton Falls Fire Department, North Salem VAC and Westchester EMS were dispatched to a single car roll over on Peach Lake Road just north of 121 Restaurant.

Upon firefighters' arrival two occupants were out of their vehicle with minor injuries. Both individuals were transported to a local hospital after an assessment by EMTs for a follow-up evaluation.

Firefighters ... (Full Story & Photos)


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